What Makes The Wolf Pact Community So Special: Traditional Investing vs. “The Wolf Pact Method!”

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The Plot...

One of the longest-running television crime dramas in history is “Law and Order.” In fact, there were at least 5 different versions of the popular tv show.

The version I liked the most was Law and Order: Criminal Intent, starring Vincent D’Onofrio. The main reason I preferred that version of Law and Order is because they used the same plot as my all-time favorite detective show, “Columbo.”

You see, in Criminal Intent & Columbo, they would always show the audience who the villain was upfront and then allow the detectives to show their skill in identifying the villain and finding the evidence to prove the case.

What Makes The Wolf Pact Community So Special!

In that same spirit, let’s get to the point and then prove the case.

“The Wolf Pact Method provides us with the privilege of operating safer, simpler and faster than traditional real estate investing – by far.”

Traditional real estate investing usually involves working alone with limited purchasing power – which makes it very difficult to find a deal at all in this market, let alone a great deal! Consequently, investors are on what is now called “the hunt for yield.” There are billions of dollars sitting in cash (eroding via inflation) waiting, paying much higher prices, for any and all real estate investment property in sight!

Notice, the real estate investor in this deal paid “FULL Price,” put $63,222 down (25% + closing/soft costs), and settled for a 5% cash on cash return on investment! Not to say that there is anything wrong with this deal, but what if we could do better!

In The Wolf Pact community, there are different members playing different roles who understand their own role but also care and understand the roles of the other participants (Community Rhythm).

We spread the risk, reverse wholesale (sell higher & buy lower), and collectively endeavor to maximize the return on investment for everyone involved.

The Wolf Pact Method allowed us to create cash flow and equity with ultimately NO Capital At Risk.

Community Rhythm not only gives us the purchasing power to buy in bulk and compete with the big boys, but it also gives us flexibility and expanded leveraging power!

SPECIAL NOTE: This particular strategy, straight out of the Wolf Pact Real Estate Playbook, is utilized by Deal Architects to scale and use the same resources (JV Partners & Mortgage-Ready Landlords) over and over again thereby creating what we like to refer to as “RiskFREE Cash Flow & Equity.”

Imagine being able to go to the grocery store and spend the same $600 every month and have your groceries delivered!

Key Takeaways:

1. Community Rhythm is very important; commit to understanding the roles, care about our collective success, and be accountable for performing your role!

2. Our ability to minimize risk and expand our buying and leveraging power gives us a competitive edge!

Let’ GO!

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