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Podcast Series: Deal Architect Live!

Investing 101

Hear the trials and tribulations of experienced investors and what they’ve established to be foundational knowledge for real estate investing.

Monthly Giveaways

Every month we packages, scholarships, benefits and more that we give out to podcast subscribers and members of the community!

Common Mistakes

During our episodes we go over what to expect during the process of a successful real estate deal – What to look for and what to watch out for!

Weekly Livestreams

Every week we have live shows covering a wide variety of real estate investing topics.

Q & A's

Different real estate experts answering YOUR real estate questions!

Member Interviews

Personal experiences of member just like you and their journey with CREI Academy, The Wolf Pact, and real estate investing!

Win Free 3 Months of 1-on-1 Real Estate Investment Coaching Valued at $1,995

Drawings twice per month, listen to each episode to see if you’re a winner, and claim your free package!

Featured Entrepreneurs

Here from the best in the industry

CREI Academy is focused on giving back to Middle-America. We have a growing community of investors who learn how to achieve financial success through intelligent real estate investing. Hear from our expert community leaders on how you can start on the path for yourself!

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Win Free 3 Months of 1-on-1 Real Estate Investment Coaching Valued at $1,995

Drawings twice per month

How To Plan & Create Your First Real Estate Deal In 30 Days or Less – No Matter What Your Situation Is!

Real Estate vs Feel Estate

You May Have Real Estate Investment Experience Without Knowing It: (Was your intent to grow your personal economy above 50% when buying or renting your home?)

Real Estate Investing In The New Economy

How To Remove ALL Obstacles

Win Free 3 Months of 1-on-1 Real Estate Investment Coaching Valued at $1,995

Drawings twice per month

More About The Wolf Pact

Introducing: Collaborative Real Estate Investing: "Wolf-Pact Method"

Collaborative Real Estate Investing (The Wolf-Pact Method) is the utilization of real estate mastermind groups (small or large) to strategically and consistently make money investing in real estate; Simpler, Safer, & Faster!

It’s SIMPLER because you have the opportunity to leverage the experience and expertise of others. It’s SAFER because you no longer have to take on all the risk by yourself. Lastly, it’s FASTER because you have increased capacity to participate in more and bigger deals!

C. Thomas
CREI Student
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" Within 30 days after enrolling at CREI Academy, I applied the strategies in my plan and increased my cash flow over $600 per month. Wow! "
J. Guillory
CREI Student
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" I used what I learned at CREI Academy to purchase 2 assets in the first 6 months, in addition to participating in several short term projects to build up my cash reserves. "
M. Onu
CREI Student
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" I gained more actionable knowledge in 90 days with CREI Academy than I did with all of the many other education programs I tried combined - at a fraction of the cost! "

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