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INTRODUCING... Collaborative Real Estate Investing: "The Wolf Pact Method"
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Introducing: Collaborative Real Estate Investing: "The Wolf Pact Method"

Collaborative Real Estate Investing (The Wolf Pact Method) is the utilization of real estate mastermind groups (small or large) to strategically and consistently make money investing in real estate; Simpler, Safer, & Faster!

It’s SIMPLER because you have the opportunity to leverage the experience and expertise of others. It’s SAFER because you no longer have to take on all the risk by yourself. Lastly, it’s FASTER because you have increased capacity to participate in more and bigger deals!

C. Thomas
Wolf Pact Student
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" Within 30 days after enrolling at CREI Academy, I applied the strategies in my plan and increased my cash flow over $600 per month. Wow! "
J. Guillory
Wolf Pact Student
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" I used what I learned at CREI Academy to purchase 2 assets in the first 6 months, in addition to participating in several short term projects to build up my cash reserves. "
M. Onu
Wolf Pact Student
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" I gained more actionable knowledge in 90 days with CREI Academy than I did with all of the many other education programs I tried combined - at a fraction of the cost! "

Why You’re Here

Ideas that CAN prevent you from Investing In Real Estate Successfully

Thoughts that are preventing you from being successful in real estate

Can't Afford Real Estate Investment Education

Coaches and courses are expensive! Most people simply don't have $1,000 to $10,000 or more to spend on classes - and that's before they even start investing!

Already Tried It - Coaching, Investing or Both

We hear it every single day - you spent $6,000 on Real Estate Investment Coaching only to realize that you never learned the small details and nuances that actually help you become successful in the industry.

Not Even Sure That I'm Financially Able To Invest

You think, "There's no way I have enough money saved to buy a property", or "My credit is terrible" Most people hold themselves back by not knowing the simple solutions to these problems that have been used for decades.

The Wolf Pact Solves The Problem

How The Wolf Pact CAN and will help You

What makes us the #1 solution for real estate investment education, coaching, and mastermind groups?

Cost-Effective Education & Coaching Solutions

Our whole philosophy revolves around giving back to Middle-America and building our mastermind investor network. Our memberships range from literally FREE to $120. We'll give you everything you need to get involved and become a successful investor - No matter what your financial situation is!

Attention To Nuanced Detail In All Of Our Programs

The difference between The Wolf Pact and other programs is our straight line, detailed approach. After analyzing your situation, we cover everything from basic to extremely nuanced investment details. These are the small secrets that separate profit from loss.

Networking Investors Together Through Mastermind Groups

This is where our whole system really shines. Collaborative Real Estate Investing (The Wolf Pact Method) uses Mastermind Groups. We connect you with the complimenting investment partner(s) to complete the puzzle for making deals.

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What's In It For You?


You'll feel more secure and confident about your future with a plan that includes the right strategies for you from our real estate mastermind playbook to achieve your financial goals within a pre-determined period of time!

Real Estate Education

Whether you leverage the knowledge & experience of others within the mastermind community or decide to become the expert yourself; continuing education will be available to you every step of the way!


This is a step by step checklist for planning, creating, and growing your real estate portfolio - No Matter What Your Situation Is! Yep, you read it right. Everyone deserves to feel confident about their ability to fund their dreams of living a better life - including YOU!


Learn in real-time from the entire Wolf Pact real estate mastermind community. Resonate with other members as they successfully travel a similar journey to yours, so you can duplicate their efforts and bypass the pitfalls!


If there has ever been a single number more misunderstood and elusive to us all, it's cash flow! Rely on our coaches at The Wolf Pact to provide you with the direction, guidance, and accountability you need to succeed as a real estate investor!


Look no further for deals! Our strategic partners and real estate entrepreneurs have a supply of deals for years to come. The Wolf Pact trains certain member types to fulfill the role of identifying and structuring projects, allowing you to stay in your lane!

One-on-One Mentorship

Get the personal attention you need to take your real estate expertise to the highest level. Learn all the tricks of the trade from a proven expert in real-time as you help other members create their real estate portfolio while simultaneously building your own!


Seize the opportunity to develop the skill of deal architecture. Learn to structure real estate deals with optimal risk and profit potential for all participants involved. Acquiring this skill will help you become indispensable to your mastermind group!


Plug into a platform designed by real estate investors for real estate investors to help manage your real estate deals in real-time. Reporting and administrative support is an essential element of a profitable & sustainable real estate portfolio!


We are very grateful for our amazing members and their testimonials!

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