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Advantage Over ETF

This is a better investment because instead of having “paper” gold, you have access to physical gold, should you choose to do so!

Best Investment Strategy

Learn how to use gold and silver instead of traditionally escrow for real estate investment deals! Learn more in our community.

Best Prices In The WORLD

We have the lowest prices and the best availability for our members.

How To Use Gold & Silver As Your Smart Escrow Account For Real Estate!

The Problem

You’re probably wondering what impact all of the current money printing by the federal reserve is going to have on your personal economy.

You’re hearing words thrown around like hyper-inflation, market bubbles, & financial meltdowns!

You’ve also probably noticed that everyone is gung ho on “tangible assets” like gold & silver (sound money)?

It’s because the dollar (what we call fiat money) has lost 95% of its value since the federal reserve was created in 1913 and it may get even worse!

And there's more...

The trillions of dollars printed by the government in the last 12 months alone could pose a serious threat to our future wealth!

There are several reasons why gold & silver are the perfect hedges & wealth accumulation vehicles in this market and it is highly recommended that EVERY Wolf Pact member start accumulating these tangible assets right away!

Fortunately for us, it is now possible to buy gold & silver in fractional increments. In other words, you can buy $2.00 worth of gold instead of having to purchase an entire ounce for $1,750.

This means that everyone can start accumulating gold & silver with any amount of money. The key is to begin now and consistently accumulate these tangible assets over time!

Use Your Gold & Silver Account As Your "Smart Escrow Account for Real Estate!"

The banks have not only made it difficult for us to move our own money around, but they have also positioned themselves in such a way that we have to pay them to use our money to accumulate wealth for themselves (NOT FOR US)!

We have now discovered a way to use our gold & silver account to instantly convert and/or transfer cash to whomever we choose with no fees or holding periods.

The same account we use to accumulate our tangible assets can be used to escrow our cash for our real estate deals! We can transfer our money back and forth instantly and eliminate the fees, holding periods, and bureaucracy of the banks!

US Dollar Has Lost 95% Buying Power, Gold & Silver Has Not!

Buy Gold & Silver Direct

Best Availability and Price!

Backed by one of the biggest insurance companies, The Lloyd’s of London, this programs is perfect for investors looking for the best source for investing in precious metals.    Safely store your wealth in our vault, or have it physically delivered to your door, up to you!

Auto-Saver Program

It's hard to go down and buy a new coin every month. Have a limited edition, MS-70 delivered to your door every month - 50 State Series Collection!

Dealer Direct Gold & Silver Prices

We have the lowest prices in the WORLD. No middle-man, you are buying straight from the source. Introducing the Costco™ of Gold & Silver.

No Limits

Whether you want to buy 1 coin or 1,000 coins; 1 ounce, or 1,000 ounces - We have you covered!

Scalable Investment Opportunity

Accumulate gold & silver in fractions instead of having to by ounces! Get the cheapest precious metal assets available! The liquidity of having the options

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You’ve enrolled in the best collecting and investing opportunity of 2021!  Now you have access to invest in gold and silver coins and bars.  You can decide whether you want to store your assets with us and watch your wealth grow or have them delivered right to your door step!

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The Wolf Pact is a community of like-minded investors.  Our members use networking to their advantage to leverage wealth-building opportunities with Real Estate, Gold, Silver, and more!

The Wolf Pact is where you go to talk about real estate and other investment opportunities!

Our whole philosophy revolves around giving back to Middle-America and building our mastermind investor network.

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Introducing: Collaborative Real Estate Investing: "The Wolf Pact Method"

Collaborative Real Estate Investing (The Wolf Pact Method) is the utilization of real estate mastermind groups (small or large) to strategically and consistently make money investing in real estate; Simpler, Safer, & Faster!

It’s SIMPLER because you have the opportunity to leverage the experience and expertise of others. It’s SAFER because you no longer have to take on all the risk by yourself. Lastly, it’s FASTER because you have increased capacity to participate in more and bigger deals!

C. Thomas
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" Within 30 days after enrolling at CREI Academy, I applied the strategies in my plan and increased my cash flow over $600 per month. Wow! "
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" I used what I learned at CREI Academy to purchase 2 assets in the first 6 months, in addition to participating in several short term projects to build up my cash reserves. "
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" I gained more actionable knowledge in 90 days with CREI Academy than I did with all of the many other education programs I tried combined - at a fraction of the cost! "