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Get and share investing experience, create topics, and collaborate to leverage the power of the group.


Learn everything from how to get your first real estate deal in the pipeline to using gold and silver assets as your smart escrow account! Get a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Get 1-on-1 personal coaching helping you use your current resources to get your first deal or how to navigate through uncharted investing territory.

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Founded by a real estate mastermind group to support real estate investors, home buyers & other real estate mastermind groups.

Our mission is to empower 5000 families with the tools and resources necessary to create a real estate portfolio that generates enough income to pay for their needs & basic living expenses – no matter what their financial situation is!

The Wolf Pact’s Community Areas

Collaborative Real Estate Investing & More!

Collaborative Real Estate Investing (The Wolf Pact Method) is the utilization of real estate mastermind groups (small or large) to strategically and consistently make money investing in real estate; Simpler, Safer, & Faster!

It’s SIMPLER because you have the opportunity to leverage the experience and expertise of others. It’s SAFER because you no longer have to take on all the risk by yourself. Lastly, it’s FASTER because you have increased capacity to participate in more and bigger deals!

In addition to real estate, our community houses experts in Crypto, Option Trading, ForEx, Stocks, Gold & Silver investments & more!

Real Estate Investing

All Things Real Estate Related!


Talk to others with experience in buying and selling different coins!


Engage with other avid ForEx investors and share strategies!

Gold & Silver

Revolutionary Wholesale Gold & Silver System. 2021 Best Investment Opportunity!


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We bring together experienced or aspiring real estate investors & home buyers who want to master the skill of collaborating to create long-term wealth in real estate with significantly less risk and increased purchasing power.  Collaborative Real Estate Investing (The Wolf Pact Method) uses Mastermind Groups. We connect you with the complimenting investment partner(s) to complete the puzzle for making deals.

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